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The only full life cycle platform for capital markets

Real time information, intelligent algorithms, advanced analytics and a powerful database supporting you through each stage of the new issue process. 

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A platform built by the market

Domain expertise and continuous user engagement to meet the changing needs of the market.


A cloud based exchange that connects all market particpants. OMAS handles every stage of the new issuance process.


A mobile app that ensures you miss nothing. Bondcast also allows you to customise the deal updates that you would like to receive.


Custom solutions for private banks and large funds. OMAS PLUS helps simplify and automate internal workflows.


The most comprehensive bond issuance database in Asia. Nucleus comes equipped with a powerful search engine and analytical tools.

Roadshow Manager

Automate roadshow logistics. Roadshow Manager handles roadshow annoucements and all types of investor meetings with efficiency.


Integrate bond reference data and Order Books. PROTON provides deep insights on client and underwriter behaviour.


Actionable and Objective Insights

Focus On What Really Matters

Dynamic real time engagement with investors for successful issuance and fuss free allocations. A suite of tools to enhance productivity of deal teams.

Make Smarter Decisions

Instant deal updates mean no information gaps. Stay on top of order placement and allocation information, so you make smart investment decisions.

Stay In Control

Monitor your deal as it happens. Track the markets and get feedback on your mandates. Use advanced analytics for sectoral and pricing insights.

Stay Updated

Track live deals and law firm rankings. Use our powerful AI enabled search engine to reference OC’s and supporting documents.

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